Obama explains why he hasn’t spoken with the man in charge of stopping the greatest environmental disaster in U.S. history

Posted at Hot Air is the video (you have to scroll down a bit to get to it) of President Obama’s mindblowing admission to Matt Lauer that he has not communicated directly with Anthony Hayward, the head of BP. Start watching the video at about 2:30.

Allahpundit writes:

The One’s logic, such as it is, is that it’s not worth talking to Tony Hayward because he’ll only end up giving him the runaround—a curious position coming from a guy who campaigned on the virtues of “dialogue” and who’s been locked in halting negotiations with Iran for fully 16 months. Even Lauer is openly incredulous. Captain Kickass has nothing to say to a guy who potentially holds the fate of his presidency in his hands?

On top of the concerns, expressed both by Republicans and Democrats, about Obama’s failure to “do” anything about the leak, concerns which, as I said last night, I earlier felt were overblown, the revelation that he has not spoken with Hayward is simply devastating. I’m almost tempted to paraphase Peggy Noonan’s apocalyptic conclusion the other week and say that Obama’s amazing refusal since the beginning of the disaster to be in direct touch with the man who is in charge of the recovery operation is a blow from which is presidency will not recover. But I’ll resist the temptation.

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