Trump is impressive

I have to amend my view of Donald Trump as a mere loudmouth. In his interview on the Today program with Meredith Vieira, he was passionate about the problems facing the country, forceful, and effective. When he spoke about his gratitude to the Tea Parties for having mainstreamed the problem of catastrophic government spending, I felt he was sincere because I have the same feeling. On Obama’s missing birth certificate, he made it clear that this issue is real and is not going to go away merely from establishment types (a group that I recently learned includes Rush Limbaugh) having disdain for it. With Trump’s combination of common-man directness and impressive forcefulness on issues, there is no question that he would have a major impact on the GOP presidential contest if he decided to run. However, it’s also the case that the GOP is not going to nominate a thrice-married man for the presidency, whether his name is Giuliani or Gingrich or Trump.

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Sophia A. writes:

I heard Trump speak on a local radio station a few weeks ago and thought he was very impressive. I was surprised at how good he was. It was a blast of cold realism.

That said, I’m past idealizing White Knights. I don’t think he has a chance in hell of being nominated by the Republicans. And let’s face it, he has loads of baggage.

But—he’s saying the right things. He has the unique ability to force issues that must be forced, and which mainstream pols are too scared to tackle. Remember Perot? He did that with the deficit.

Check Trump out on China. Great stuff.

LA replies:

Just the fact that Trump is willing to push the Obama birth issue and keep pushing it despite all the contempt he receives from the establishment, when no pansy Republican politician will go near the issue, earns him a lot of credit.

Jim C. writes:

“Trump is impressive.”

Indeed, but the most important arrows in Trump’s quiver which he emphasized in the interview are his deal-making ability and creativity—and Barry possesses neither!

That’s all an ad man needs to cream Obama, and Trump knows it.

April 11

Monte Farst writes:

I feel aligning yourself with Mr. Trump would greatly help Mr. Trump. I wish you would run for President, I would vote for you in a heartbeat. If things keep going the way they are we will need you soon anyways.

Laura G. writes:

Indeed, Trump is very impressive. He is the very first Republican in the past three years to demonstrate any courage whatsoever, and we can all see by now that without courage, no amount of smarts, oratorical skills, or political acumen is worth the breath to mention it. I myself would not have thought of Trump if asked about covert undeclared potential Republican leaders, but here he is, and no other Republican is worth a second look . Was it Patton who said, “You fight your wars with the armies you have, not the armies you wish you had”? Right now Trump is the sole and only Republican we have who is at a likely leadership level and he is in the fighting mode that we so badly need. At least, I suppose he is a Republican. Never mind, whatever he is, I am buying.

April 12

James R. writes:

I largely agree with all the positive things said about Trump so far, in speaking out in a way no one else has had the intestinal fortitude to do. However, few of those doing so remember that Trump endorsed Obama in ‘08 and has endorsed Democratic politicians a fair amount. This should give us some unease about his candidacy.

I’ve liked what he’s had to say so far and think he has a place, bringing up things such as “China”—really, how our own political class has sold us down the river (we shouldn’t blame China for taking what our elites give them). Trump phrases this exactly correctly on who is to blame for this, and other things: not some distant alien nemesis but a betrayal by our own political class/New Class elites, possibly the worst in human history and completely alienated from the society it leads, post-patriotic and transnational as it is, among other things.. To this elite, there is a world to win (“global governance” in their hands), at the expense of the rest of us. (They’ll probably fail at that because other societies aren’t so stupid as to leave this scum in charge, but our destruction will come along the way if we don’t thwart them). Trump’s candid (or is it calculated?) statements are at least something, because he has no fear, he does not have the “battered spouse syndrome” so many others we might vest some hopes in have.

That said, there is reason to be uneasy about him and even if you’re not keen on Mark Levin this (short) observation is worth checking out.

Trump is NOT the real deal. He will get Obama re-elected. This is not a game. This is not a circus. He is not a conservative. He was happy to donate to Schumer, Weiner, & Emanuel campaigns last year. He was pro-choice recently and now claims to be pro-life. He sounds more & more like Ross Perot. If he runs as an Independent, Obama wins. We should not encourage this.

I highly suspect Trump will implode somewhere along the way, in a manner that will be used to discredit the valid issues he brings up. I am not sure he will, but I give it high odds.

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