“Happy slapping” black teens knock grandfather to ground, killing him, get almost no jail term

Karl D. writes:

A story from the Mail about a bunch of black youths (one with an Arabic sounding name) who killed a Muslim man standing outside a Mosque with his young granddaughter. Minority on minority violence must drive white Liberals nuts. When a white guy kills a Muslim or a black it is always cut and dry. The thought process takes less then a second. But this? This must have taken a good half hour of mental gymnastics. Balancing out past grievances, cultural differences, age, economics, education etc.

LA replies:

I think that in this case the Mail told it the same way they would have if the victim was English. We’ve seen the same story so many times: savage crime resulting in death of grave injury, followed by slap on the wrist. The older perp gets about a year more in jail and then he’s out. Technically, it is manslaughter, but (1) the manslaughter penalty should have been much more than four years, and (2) the perps’ systematic and repeated attacks similar to this attack should have further upped the penalty much more.

The British criminal justice system is evil, on the side of criminals

Posted by Lawrence Auster at July 26, 2010 11:39 PM | Send

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