Evil Super Bowl ads

Readers have been sending me videos of Super Bowl ads. While I haven’t looked at them yet, it is a fair guess, judging by the readers’ descriptions of them, that each of these ads is a nightmare criminal transgression of the same order as the “hit blonde female jogger in the head so that she falls unconscious to the ground as though she had been shot and then run away” ad I posted earlier today. To watch these ads and respond adequately to them is more than the work of a few minutes. It will have to wait until another day. It will have to wait until I’m in the mood (so to speak) to wrestle with the demonic evil with which our “mainstream culture” routinely and deliberately infects hundreds of millions of minds.

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Ron P. writes:

The Super Bowl half time show featured tha Black-eyed Peas. Three black men and onewhite woman. Given the nature of the violent relationship between black men and white women, one can only surmise what the racial and sexual significance of this group is. However there is something discordent about a single white female (baring quite a bit) between three thuggish looking black rappers. This is what passes for Super Bowl entertainment these days…

Patrick H. writes:

“We are dealing here with evil.” How true. So evil has our culture become that I predict that the blacks-attack-white ad will be criticized…for its negative portrayal of blacks. The ad will be called “racist”, of course. “Perpetuating stereotypes,” don’t you know. After all, who’s ever heard of blacks attacking white women?

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