A substantive critique of Trump

C. Edmund Wright at American Thinker enjoys Donald Trump’s spirited challenge to Obama, but concludes that his political ideas are incoherent and not in keeping with conservatism.

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Greg W. writes:

C. Edmund said this in the closing paragraph:

“Without a doubt, Trump has done the country a favor by taking President Obama down a peg or two. Moreover, he has proven to our potential candidates what many of us have known all along—that there is nothing to fear in attacking Obama. In fact, it’s the way to go. I just hope the voters take a close look at the mushy underlying philosophy of this man with the wonderful messaging tone”

This is important. We aren’t going to get a true conservative as we wish running for president. With Trump, at least we are seeing the establishment challenged, and someone candidly talking about issues every other politician is too afraid to bring up. If we can’t get our true conservative, supporting a candidate that might change political discourse into real-speak trumps (no pun intended of course) standing behind a standard issue Republican that will not stray from the status quo.

Trump may not be the best choice for conservatism at this moment, but he may break the mold allowing conservatives in the future to break free from behind the iron wall of PC.

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