Just saying “no” to black America

Just saying “no” to black America does not mean acting in an unjust or inhumane way to black persons as individuals. It means saying no to black America as a community. As a community, as a collective entity that sees itself and represents itself as a collective entity, black America is a negative and hostile force in this country. Black America overtly regards white America as its enemy, its mark, and its sacrificial victim. Therefore the only honorable and sane response for white Americans is to say “no” to black America. And this, as the commenter indicates, is something that whites must learn. If—which I do not expect, but which I hope for—Obama is defeated today, that will be a major step in white America’s learning to say “no,” and thus perhaps the beginning of the long path back to national sanity.

Henry S. writes:

Subject: My BRA voting experience

I voted early, with a little glitch. I was directed to the wrong polling place by an illiterate, incompetent, and outstandingly rude black woman at the check-in desk of my polling site. The devil is in the excruciating details, but life is short.When they check you in, they look up your address in books, printed with small, dense type. I could read the type upside down. I saw her slow brain laboring mightily under the strain, and she directed me to a polling place across the street. That was wrong; I was in the right place. What should have taken me twenty minutes took an hour. I went back and forth between two polling places a block apart, because this stupid woman had the reading level of a third-grader. A dumb third-grader.

I finally did vote, and never was a vote for a Republican more satisfying. I know that my vote is a lone Romney drop in a big Obama bucket, but I got satisfaction out of saying, “No” to blacks, which is one of my reasons for voting Romney. For some of us saying “No” to black people is hard, and we have to learn how to do it one step at a time. And there is always the temptation to excuse, and sweep it under the carpet.

I’m not letting this pass as I usually do. I will record every detail in a letter to the head of the Board of Elections. This is my advice to every white person: whenever you are treated rudely and incompetently by a black, get the name and write to his or her superior. BRA (Black Run America) can only be destroyed by patient and relentless resistance. Stop treating black incompetence as an inevitability, like death and taxes. Fight it. Of course, in our letters we must leave out the salient fact of the incompetent rudeness, but that’s life.

Call it guerrilla warfare. Consider yourself an insurgent.

There are dumb whites, but the sheer, lazy, incompetence of BRA is mind-boggling. This can only continue apace under Obama. It will continue under Romney too, if we don’t hold his feet to the fire, but at least with Romney we have a fighting chance. With Obama, BRA is the norm and is broadcast to us incessantly as holy. I can’t stand it.

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Here is an email exchange with Henry S. which took place while I was drafting and after I posted this entry.

I wrote:

Mr. S,

I’m preparing your comment for posting now.

Question. Before writing it, were you reading Stuff Black People Don’t Like?

After you answer, I’ll tell you why I asked.

Henry S. replied:

Hello Mr. Auster,

Forgive the delay in responding. Workmen (Spanish-speaking) are in my flat trying to get our ancient heating system functional.

No, I was not reading SBPDL before I wrote you. I wrote you right after I’d returned home, after my polling place odyssey.

(I check that site every three days or so, when I can muster the courage in my guilty former liberal heart to read such illicit fare. I feel like a 12 year old reading Playboy in 1967 when I read SBPDL.)

Just to clarify something. You wrote: “Black America overtly regards white America as its enemy, its mark, and its sacrificial victim.” Agree 100 percent, but what happened to me had nothing to do with this, specifically. The woman didn’t do what she did out of malice. She was just a dumb cluck who couldn’t read. I could read better than she could, upside down.

The overall effect of illiteracy and innumeracy in dragging down our economy is staggering.

I replied:

I know I was going beyond what you said. But I was inspired by what you said about saying “no.” Also, you didn’t speak just of saying “no” to black incompetence and rudeness; you spoke of saying “no” to Black Run America.

Now here’s why I asked you the question, and it’s another remarkable example of synchronicity. When you made the reference to “BRA,” I wanted to link Paul Kersey’s site as the source of the BRA idea. So I went to SBPDL in order to link its address. Paul Kersey’s most recent article, posted yesterday, is quite long, but as I casually glanced down the article I saw this:

It’s time white people tell black people “no”——-that’s what a Mitt Romney victory on November 6 means. It has to start somewhere; why not with the repudiation of the first black President of the United States?

which was exactly what you had said in your comment that I was in the middle of posting, which in turn had given me the idea for the title of the entry (which I drafted before I saw Kersey’s article) and for my introductory paragraph explaining the title (which I wrote after I saw Kersey’s article).

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