Black America, empowered

Serena Williams F-bombing and threatening lineswoman. Rapper Kanye West storming stage and snatching award from young white female country singer. And another incident in the last day I can’t remember at the moment. It’s impossible to keep up with it. Maybe I should create a single running entry, “Post-racial America under Obama, cont.”

And here is latest: black beats white on a Missouri school bus while others cheer. Here is another story. Here is video.

Tape shows beating on bus of Belleville West student

A Belleville West High School student was beaten aboard a bus on the way to school Monday, and a police spokesman said the beating could be racially motivated.

The 17-year-old victim was white and the teen assailants were black. Police released a video of the beating, which shows the victim being punched repeatedly while other students on the bus gather to watch, some cheering. It doesn’t appear that the victim did anything to provoke an attack and tried only to defend himself.

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September 16

Pentheus writes:

It is erroneous to include Serena Williams’ uncharacteristic outburst under this heading of misbehavior by blacks qua blacks. The incident had nothing to do with race. She did not play the race card over the foot fault call nor over the penalty. She did not argue with the (white) officials; and was completely collegial and courteous towards her (white) opponent, Kim Clijsters. If you follow tennis, then you will know that both Venus and Serena have suffered some notably outrageous unfair calls in their careers, and have never played the race card or made a fuss about it. The Williams sisters have been great champions and admirable representatives of America.

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