On Chick-fil-A, the homosexualist tyrants may have gone a bridge too far

Reader Jake F. sent this article along with all the comments, every one of which opposes Council Speaker Christine Quinn’s attempt to bar Chick-fil-A from opening a business in New York City.

Christine Quinn Starts Petition, Wants Chick-Fil-A Replaced At NYU
July 28, 2012

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork/AP)—New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg says a fast food chain’s opposition to gay marriage is none of “the government’s business.”

Bloomberg said Friday that he strongly disagrees with the mayors of Boston, Chicago and San Francisco in that regard.

Chick-fil-A’s opposition to gay marriage has touched off a national furor. Gay rights groups have called for a boycott and the three mayors have said Chick-fil-A was not welcome in their cities.

The billionaire businessman-turned-politician called the three “good mayors” but disagrees with them in this case. He says cities should not ask about political beliefs before issuing a permit.

New York City has one Chick-fil-A restaurant. Bloomberg said the company would have to apply for necessary permits if it wanted to open another.

All four mayors support same-sex marriage.

Quinn told WCBS 880 reporter Alex Silverman that a message needs to be sent to the company.

“This type of corporate attitude is going to cost you in dollars and cents,” she said.

The Speaker has circulated an online petition declaring Chick-Fil-A unwelcome in New York until Company President Dan Cathy changes his stance.

WCBS 880 reporter Alex Silverman reports …

“I have to believe that he can open his mind and his heart, and see that he has been wrong,” the Speaker said.

Quinn called on NYU to boot the Chick-Fil-A from its campus.

Do you think that Chick-Fil-A should be allowed in New York City? Let us know in our comments section below …


Here are the comments:



Frostie • 3 days ago

While no one has to like or agree with Chick-A-Fil, they have a right to their
opinion. They are being forced to have a certain opinion, which is wrong.

BMRking3 days ago

So Quinn agrees with freedom of speech as long as you agree with her opinion.By the way, I know where I’m eating tonight ;)

middleright2 days agoparent

that’s what liberalism is all about

Jeff • 2 days ago

I can assure you I will not voting for Quinn for Mayor…. simply put, I do not agree with her morals, or her personal views. Oh, wait, I can’t do that because thats what Quinn says Dan Cathey is wrong about…. here’s a slightly different way to say she has it backwards.”woe unto them that call evil, good’ and good, evil….

MAX • 2 days ago

Good for you Dan Stand your Ground against these liberal bullies.

Gap • 2 days ago

Freedom of speech is no longer permissible in the People’s Republic of NYS or America.

Tom • 2 days ago

Christine Quinn has no clue what she’s doing! She needs to get out of politics!

BMRking3 days ago

Lets boot Quinn out of New York

Jeff • 2 days ago

…. oh yes, btw, please give me the website or where I can sign the online petition. I want to sign it to SUPPORT Chick Fil A…. this works both ways.

Except as a male, I ONLY date females, hope thats ok with other males.

BMRking2 days agoparent

Eat there Aug 1st.That day is designated to show support for them

Patriot • 3 days ago

Everyone has a right to their opinion, No-one has the right to force that opinion on others. Ms Quinn apparently believes everyone needs to conform to her opinion and not in the Constitution or Bill of Rights. You also have the right [for the moment anyway] to not patronize any business if you disagree with it in any way. The Business [ or anyone] should not have to conform to your beliefs. You want people to respect your right to your beliefs? Than respect their right to theirs!

matt • 2 days ago

and by the way,
she will dictate to the ‘next’ business, assuming there is one, whom they can hire?by what authority?
i seriously think she’s unfit to serve.

topoff2002 • 3 days ago

Who the hell cares what this fat ugly mandykish thing wants. She wants to be married also but she NEVER will be no matter what any piece of paper says.

Jeff • 2 days ago

… so…. if I come out and disagree with the military being sent to fight a war oversees by the President of the USA, it’s “free speech”. But if I am against “same sex marriage” or the gay lifestyle, it’s not free speech, and that will cost businesses “dollars and cents” if they don’t change their mind.
Sounds as if there’s a “bully pulpit” that Christine Quinn uses for what she wants.
It’s “freedom of speech” for the Dixie chicks to bash President Bush, but it’s not free speech for Dan Cathey to say his personal views that disagrees with being gay? Seems we have a hypocritical approach to free speech.

btw, Chick fil a employs gay people, serves gay people that come into do business with the restaurant. So from now on, if you don’t agree with gay people’s views, you can’t be in business anymore…. ????


cjj • 3 days ago

there should be a chick-fil-a on every corner starting across from christine quinns house !!!

John2 days ago

Quinn is corrupt and will be exposed when she runs for Mayor.WE KNOW

andre smith3 days ago

god bless chick-fil-A. i will go to paramus and get some tommorow.

Matilda Blankets • 2 days ago

Look how happy she looks in that picture. I bet she just gone done munching on some carpet.

Gordon Freeman21 hours agoparent

She’d rather eat box than chicken.

pete • 2 days ago

What is the next step? Can anyone legally marry a goat??

Nestor Delgado3 days ago

All these “public servants” are using the power of the state to stifle a dissenting view that is not currently politically correct. Basically these new Gestapo are the politically correct police. This is how liberty is lost and how American values are consumed by the totalitarian regime that is in power, for our own good?

Demand these tyrants keep their dirty paws of the first Amendment! The liberty that will be lost may one day be your own!

Flip • 2 days ago

Let’s give Bloomy some credit for at least getting this one right.

BMRking2 days agoparent

Remember even a broken clock is right twice a day

Charles Walsh • 2 days ago

get out of their way and let them do business.

Steve OT • 3 days ago

Do they sell 32 oz, sugary drinks?

mac • 2 days ago

It’s official. New York is a Communist (country) State!

David2 days ago

Glad too see Ms. Quinn doing something productive with my tax dollars. Banning a restaurant chain because a CEO has an opinion is certainly more important than getting NYC’s budget and job market/s in order. Citizens just can’t be trusted to express their views (opposite or in support of) by boycotting or patronizing said Chick-A-Fill.

Denny • 2 days ago

I have to agree with bloomy here.

Newt • 2 days ago

How come there was no outrage when Chick-Fil-A chose not to open on Sunday so that the employees could go to church


Family First • 2 days ago

Quinn’s position is very disturbing. It is a sign of religious and free speech intolerance and will make it very difficult for religious people to live here. All New Yorkers must speak up to prevent such polticians from taking control of the city

The Facts • 2 days ago

Quinn is nothing but a hack liberal politician who has a politically corect mindset. She would fit in well with the Dear Leaders of North Korea.

John2 days ago

NYC mayor Michael Bloomberg supports men interested in other mens rectums

MAX • 2 days ago

Hey Chick A Fil should serve 22 ounce drinks too. LOL

angry Jewish voter • 2 days ago

considering most Jews in NYC are against same gender “marriage
she and Hitler have a lot in common
they both want to make NYC Judenrein.

John2 days agoparent

now all we need is for the liberal Jews not to vote for Obama

angry Jewish voter • 2 days agoparent

most Jews in NYC are not liberal
Orthodox Jews and Russians are quite a bit over half the city’s jews.

Russians in Brighton Beach voted around 80% for McCain and Orthodox Jews were pulling in the 90% in many different neighborhoods.

BRUCEALMIGHTY101 • 21 hours agoparent

great i hate obama and i am a jew obama not jfk or clinton

zionfirea day ago

Ralph Riveraa day ago

Just like a gay … only their op is right. I hope they spread thought out the 5 boros.

Estelle Linderman • a day ago

quinn, another progressive liberal, who believes in free speech as long as they agree with her. try becoming mayor somewhere else other than new york.

Steve • a day ago

I support same same marriage and therefore would not give my business to this company BUT this is a dangerous precedent. The opinion of the company’s president should have nothing to do with whether they can get a permit or not. Those who oppose the company’s stance can choose not to go there but for a city government to make the decision not to allow them in … dangerous. There are people who do support that move BUT what will happen when a company which shares a belief you have is not allowed to open in your area because the city council disagrees? What if a company that believes the same as you on say an issue such as abortion is not allowed to open because the local government does not feel the same? Who decides what is and what is not allowed to open. VERY dangerous precedent being created here.

Paul • 2 days ago

I support gay marriage, but having the government dictate their opinions on business owners is extremely disturbing. Once again the far left tells us that freedom of speech only applies if we agree with them.

jfe2 days ago

Bloomberg is right. The beliefs of Chick-fil-A is none of the governments business, or anyone elses for that matter. In a country that preaches tolerance, and criticizes other countries for their lack of tolerance, you would think the “live and let live” attitude would prevail. Chick-fil-A is entitled to their beliefs. We all are. Why do gays think everyone who disgrees with gay marriage should be boycotted, considered bigots, or homophobic?

Freedom • 2 days ago

How dare she???? Well, if she ever runs for mayor in NYC she lost 2 votes. She made herself look like an ass, it is not about her and her lifestyle, it is about values. She needs to put a rubber band around her head and snap it. Get back with what is best for NYC’s economy.

matt • 2 days ago

has quinn lost her mind?
this is not about same sex marriage or chicken sandwiches. it’s about freedom of religion, freedom of expression and freedom of commerce.
what’s next, will she launch a kristallnacht?
heaven help us if this fool is the next mayor.

lulu • 2 days ago

Let’s face it we are living in a make believe matriarchal society where everyone needs to be babied. where a woman rules a family, clan or tribe and usually highly respected.

Kleetis J. MacAnurney • 2 days ago

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg says Chick-Fil-A’s opposition to gay marriage is none of “the government’s business.” The went on to say that he will aggressively enforce his ban on their serving ‘super sized’ soda’s

Alex Capricorn2 days ago

Mayor Bloomberg is totally right. It’s not government business to question companies policy. Christin Quinn put her … (you know what) in front of NYC interests. She does not care about taxes NYC can get from having this chain and jobs ny’s can get from that. Of course, she has never run any business and is incapable to count money.
I’m not so big lover of Bloomberg but in comparison with Christin Quinn and other Democratic career politicians who know just office environment and have no clue how to make and save money—so, in comparison with this grabbing group dreaming to become next NYC mayor Michael Bloomberg is a gift.

DanTe • 2 days ago

This is what you get for not thinking the same thoughts as our Great Leader Bloomberg. Just praise the Great Leader for His benevolence in that you didn’t disappear one night by one of his Gestapo sweeps.

Alana Danes • 2 days ago

They have no buisness being there. Oh wait, let them so they can lose more money than they have been. Works even better

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