What Muslims believe—about us

If you want a handy quote to carry with you to respond to people who tell you that Islam is a religion of peace, go to this VFR entry and scroll down to the quotation by an Arabic paper in London (provided by MEMRI) of a statement issued by the European Council for Fatwa and Research in 2005. According to this Muslim group, led by the influential Sheikh Yousef Al-Qaradawi, who freely travels between Qatar and Europe, all non-Muslims are legitimate targets of lethal force. Here is the key passage:

It has been determined by Islamic law that the blood and property of people of Dar Al-Harb is not protected. [Emphasis added.] Because they fight against and are hostile towards the Muslims, they annulled the protection of [their] blood and [their] property…

Qaradawi has been widely criticized for justifing terror attacks against Israelis. His critics missed the fact that he has in principle justified terror attacks against all people of Dar Al-Harb. But of course, in taking this position, he and his colleagues are simply following the Koran.

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