A new twist in Obama’s free fall

How many times have I mocked those partisan Republicans who, when Obama’s approval rating is reported to be at 44 or 43 percent, shout in glee that his approval is “plummeting” and he is in terrible trouble, when, in reality, Obama’s approval has been, with slight and continual oscilations, at around 45 percent for much of the last year and half, and Reagan was in the same neighborhood during much of his first term?

Well, former Bush administration official Peter Wehner, a regular at the Commentary website, has done his Republican colleagues one better:

Obama’s Job Approval Rating Is in Danger Zone
Peter Wehner 07.07.2011—5:50 PM

According to the most recent Gallup survey, President Obama’s job approval rating averaged 46 percent in June.

So now 46 percent is the danger zone? That’s a new one, given that Obama has been at between 45 and 43 percent for much of the last year and a half, and 42 percent was supposedly the next frontier in Obama’s never-ending “free fall.” Maybe next month 47 percent will be the “danger zone”? One thing you can be sure of: with these panting Republican pundits, Obama’s defeat in 2012 is only slightly less certain than the rising of the sun tomorrow.

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