What to call the anti-Semites

In the thread, “The need for a better word for anti-Semitism,” a reader makes another suggestion, “Enemies of the Jews.” But I say, what about simply, “anti-Jews”?

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Mark Jaws writes:

So, is it kosher then to be an anti-liberal Jew?

LA replies:

Whoever suggested it wasn’t?

Mark Jaws replies:

My mind has been in a tizzy over this topic. But now I understand.

James P. writes:

I still like the German term Judenhass (Jew-hate) and Judenhasser (Jew-hater).

LA replies:

But in most cases it’s not hatred, it’s not an emotion of hatred. It’s the belief that the Jews are the enemy.

James P. replies:
Then perhaps you’ll have to go with Judengegner (Jew-opponents).

My own view is that few people can sustain a long-term belief that someone is an enemy without hating them. How can you not hate someone whom you think is hell-bent on destroying your country, your culture, and your race, which is what these people think about the Jews?

LA replies:

Hmm, good point.

LA continues:

However, I regard Islam as a permanent, deadly threat to our civilization and everything we are; but I don’t have an emotion of hating Muslims. I simply believe that they do not belong among us and should be returned to and isolated in their own world where they can’t threaten us.

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