The Daily News gets it

In today’s New York Daily News there is extensive coverage of the plot to set off enormous explosions at Kennedy Airport. The lead plotter, Russell Defreitas, a 63-year-old Negro Muslim U.S. immigrant from Guyana (i.e., not an Arab, not a Middle Easterner, and not in his twenties, but a Muslim), conceived a plan to set off explosions in the extensive network of underground pipes and storage tanks that feed the airport. The hope, in the words of the Daily News’ editorial, was to “[blow] up the jet fuel pipeline that supplies Kennedy Airport, wiping it off the map and consuming a swath of Queens in flame.”

Be sure to read Tracy Connor’s detailed account of the inside workings of the plot.

And guess what. The Daily News gets it:

A blunt truth must be spoken: In this age, where Islam goes, the perversion of a faith into terror follows. [Italics added.] Look now not just to the Middle East, but much closer—to the Caribbean basin, especially Trinidad and Tobago. That’s five hours from JFK, closer than Los Angeles. The threat is great.

Though the News, in calling terrorism a perversion of Islam, still fails to grasp the core unchangeable doctrines of Islam which call for aggressive war against non-Muslims including civilians, what the News has said is in practical terms the single most important insight that anyone can have on the subject of Islamic terrorism. Once we understand that “where Islam goes, terror follows,” the comforting truism that “not all Muslims are jihadists or terrorists,” with its resulting warning that we “must not target an entire group, most of whom are innocent,” is rendered irrelevant from the point of view of our own safety and happiness. Where large numbers of Muslims are, terrorism will be. From which follows the recommendation I have been pushing for the last several years: if we want to end the threat of Islamic terror in the U.S., we must remove most Muslims from the U.S. There is no other way.

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