Ryan’s lifelong interest in economics

Today’s New York Times has an worthwhile piece about Paul Ryan’s life and background. There is something appealing in the consistency of a man who, when he was a freshman in college, had a consuming interest in economics (his older brother describes him at that time as “a Ph.D. student in freshmen’s clothes” when it came to economic policy), and 22 years later was the chairman of the House Budget committee and the Republican party’s leading voice on budget matters.

Note: Times online articles no longer have a link for “single page” view, but divide articles into many pages. But there is still a way of getting the single page view. Simply add &pagewanted=all to the address. That’s what I did with the above link.

So for example, if you’re looking at a Times article and want to get the single page view, click in the address bar (or press Alt+D to accomplish the same), then press the right arrow once to unselect the url and situate the insertion point just to the right of the url, then type “&pagewnated=all”, then press Enter.

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Buck writes:

I wrote to someone the other day that Ryan is for amnesty and against immigration reform, is part Randian and is all universal-American, and that he is “extremely bright on economics.” He replied to me that “Ryan voted for TARP, the bailouts of GM and Chrysler, and Obama’s “stimulus” package, just to name a few. How bright on economics can he really be?”

America is not simply an economic entity. Even if Ryan is an economic genius, he’d also have to be a wizard. Sufficiently pushing back against the mass of entrenched socialist programs and restoring solvency is a pipe dream. Even if it could be accomplished in a couple of generations, by that time, what kind of people will be living here?

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