Among the Darwinians

In February 2009, when the entire world was celebrating Charles Darwin’s 200th birthday and the triumph of Darwinism, I got into a debate with the hardline atheists at the website Secular Right. Soon I was joined by a few stalwart allies from VFR, and the debate went on for days. However, I must point out that it was only a debate on our side. On the atheists’ side, it was 99 percent insults. Anyone criticizing Darwinism, or even anyone who affirmed that there is a God, was automatically and repeatedly put down as a “pre-rational,” a disgusting primitive not worthy of breathing air on this planet. While I posted at VFR a few comments from that debate at the time, I realized yesterday to my surprise that the original page at Secular Right is no longer online. Evidently the bold, rational, scientific editors of that site could not bear to leave before the eyes of the reading public comments that exposed the weakness of their own position. Fortunately a VFR reader had saved the page at the time, and he has sent it to me.

Here it is.

Again, the page is huge. For those who just want a few highlights from the debate, below are some VFR entries that I posted at the time with key excerpts from the Secular Right debate, along with a couple of follow-ups:

LA among the Darwinians
Feb 10, 2009 … Note: Alan Roebuck and Kristor have come in on the anti-Darwin side in the thread at Secular Right.)

Kristor among the Darwinians
Feb 11, 2009 … bringing VFR readers Kristor and Alan Roebuck into the fray as well….

On the emperor’s 200th birthday, he is still wearing no clothes
Feb 12, 2009 … Below I’ve copied four comments of mine at Secular Right.

How a respected Darwinian atheist replies to a reasonable question
Feb 20, 2009 … For example, at the Secular Right thread they routinely refer to those who … Roebuck and Kristor, as “pre-rationals,” as people lacking reason …

The common project of liberals and atheists
Feb 28, 2009 …

What is faith?
Aug 25, 2009 …

Problems with conservative Darwinism
I repeat my admiration for Alan Roebuck’s statement of conservative Darwinism … And there are now also the self-named secular right, with a website by that name,

- end of initial entry -

Ken H. writes:

The Secular Right page has been moved, not deleted.

LA replies:

How about that. I did a Google search for it last evening, using some of the text of my own comments, and came up with nothing.

Thanks for finding it. At least they didn’t suppress it, which was the appearance.

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