What takes priority over healthcare in America 2.0

On Friday, the office of the G.I. specialist I had seen on Thursday at the Gastro-Enterological Health Center at New York Presbyterian Hospital / Cornell Medical Center called me to say that a different doctor, the head of that department, would be performing the stent procedure this week that I described earlier. This was good news, as it showed how seriously they were taking my case, putting their top doctor in charge of it (and the doctor I saw last week was also very good). I was told that he would call me on the weekend or the beginning of this week at the latest to talk to me and set up the procedure. When I did not hear from him by 10:30 this morning, I called the office—and guess what? It is closed for the Martin Luther King holiday. I couldn’t believe it. Doctors performing vital work are taking the day off because of this absurd holiday.

But why should I be shocked? Haven’t I said that it’s their country now—a country in which, among other things, the birthday of a man who originally symbolized black equality of rights, but now symbolizes black equality of results, black empowerment, black rule, and the destruction of Anglo-European America along with its constitutional republic, is the most important holiday?

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Randy writes:

I am glad to hear you will soon be getting the proper treatment you need.

I called my dentist and they told me appointments were limited because several people were off for the holiday. I suspect that, in the near future, King Day will be a mandatory paid holiday like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s—at least for the minorities. This society is reveling in its absolutist leftism. But just as the whites go to every extreme to honor blacks (and soon the Mexicans), blacks will continue saying that nothing has changed since 1960. We are just as racist now as we have ever been.

The only real solution to this “problem” is for whites to surrender all their wealth and power to all the “others.” Then we will be on a good start toward atonement. Perhaps a couple of generations of white slavery and we can truly say that blacks have been repaid and are equal. Remember, Charles Rangel once said those who want their taxes lowered are racists. Sure they would say that, because a huge portion of taxes are transfers of wealth from whites to blacks.

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