A paradigmatic black-on-white assault, captured on video

(Note, Oct.10: The news segment with the video of the attack has been removed from the page at WTAE, replaced by a text-only story of the arrest of a suspect. Here is a YouTube version of the video news segment. Also, here is a follow-up with screen shots of the attack taken from the video.)

In an unusually clear video, we see fifty year old Pittsburgh high school teacher James Addlespurger walking in a wide alleyway at 3:30 p.m. on a weekday carrying his brief case. Walking the other way in the alley are six shambling black youths. The teacher, evidencing no sign of concern, walks close to the group as he passes them. One of the blacks suddenly turns and strikes Addlespurger on the head. He falls like felled tree, his head hitting a metal curb, and he lies there motionless and apparently unconscious. The blacks walk on.

Of course none of the coverage calls it a racial attack.

And Mitt Romney and the Republican Party think we should be spreading our values and our culture to other countries!

Let’s turn this into a rule to add to our John Derbyshire-inspired Rules on How to Protect Yourself from Black Violence:

10(bb) If while you are walking on a sidewalk or alleyway or anywhere a group of shambling black youths are approaching you from the other direction, do not walk near them. Change your direction. Avoid any close proximity to young black males in a group, unless they are clearly not of the thug type.

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Buck, who along with several other readers sent the article, writes:

The way these reporters speak grates on me. I don’t know how to describe it exactly, but I can’t stand the sound of their voices any longer. That this exact form of young savage black group attack on a lone defenseless white happens repeatedly all across this country is never mentioned in any of these repeating robotic news stories. Even the modern liberal media drones have to, at some point, publicly acknowledge all of the hundreds of connected the dots. How long can they avoid it? I wish that I could reach into my computer screen and slap everyone of their faces.

James P. writes:

The CBS Local story says: “Addlespurger was treated for cuts and bruises at Mercy Hospital. Gable talked to him by phone. He did not want to comment on the assault.” — naturally not, since what could he say but that he was the victim of vicious, racist black savagery. But since whites are not allowed to complain about such attacks, Addlespurger knows better than to comment on the assault.

Robert P. writes:

When non-black humans decided not to seek hate-crime status for racial attacks and declined to vigorously prosecute the juvenile black males who were involved in these crimes, non-black humans effectively declared open season on themselves.

Matthew H. writes:

I imagine you’ve seen this at Drudge. A white man walks too close to a group of blacks and is viciously assaulted.

Each of these cretins has parents and grandparents. They live in a “community.” These parents, grandparents and communities have all failed, utterly. Despite trillions in transfer payments and our whole society bending itself into pretzels to help them, they have failed. They have failed themselves and they inflict their failure on the rest of us. The failure and depravity of American blacks screams to Heaven.

Often we’re told blacks learn their wickedness in prison. But how many of these bastards have been to prison yet?

One of Hollywood’s favorite villains is the evil Southern sheriff with his gang of “good ol’ boys.” Yet every year scores of thousands of peaceable white people are attacked, robbed, raped, maimed and murdered by blacks. (No movies about that, of course.) Looks like the old Southern sheriff knew his business after all.

The only sane response: Avoid blacks whenever you can and never let them have power over you.

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