How liberalism transforms jihad acts into meaningless acts

Here’s a clue to how the Ponderer in Chief will resolve the big question he’s been claiming to be wrestling with on the nature and root causes of the Fort Hood massacre. From my New York Times e-mail today:

Big Questions on Gunman; Few Details
Officials were not prepared to say whether the attack was the act of a lone and troubled man or connected to terrorist groups, foreign or domestic.

Either he’s a member of a terrorist group, or he’s a lone, troubled man.

This is the standard liberal false choice with which we are presented. An act is designated as a terrorist act only if the perpetrator was part of a formal terrorist organization. The idea that a Muslim individual may pursue a jihad operation is precluded. If a jihad-believing Muslim, shouting “Allah is great,” slaughters infidels on his own, well, that’s just another random event in a universe filled with random events.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at November 07, 2009 10:03 AM | Send

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