Cleveland high school student kills two, wounds three others in school cafeteria

Apparently the killer and all his victims are white. Media reports are still sketchy, at least in the Cleveland Plain Dealer, three of whose stories on the crime I’ve read. (The Plain Dealer seems to be of those mindless, sub-incompetent American papers I complain about frequently.) Huffington Post has a much more detailed account. The teenaged gunman approached a table in the school cafeteria and just started shooting. (No sources are given for the HuffPo story. Does HuffPo do its own reporting? That seems impossible. Which leads to the inference that HuffPo lift stories from other sources without crediting them.)

Another passing note: when I first saw a headline (I think at saying that 17 year old Russell King had been declared brain dead in a high school shooting in Cleveland, I assumed he was black, and was surprised when I went to the story and saw his photograph.

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Jason writes:

Most of Huffpo’s news stories are AP.

LA replies:

They just publish the AP stories without giving their source?

Jason replies:

No, of course not. At least, I hope not! It’s a standard commercial arrangement.

You’d certainly think part of the deal would involve AP (or Reuters, CNN, Fox, etc) receiving an onscreen credit and that usually seems to be the case.

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