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I have not been posting nearly as much about the actions of the Obama administration as might have been expected. One reason for this is that the badness of what Obama is doing, and the amount of it, and the complexity of it, is overwhelming and I frankly find it hard to take it in and form a view of it. When every day there are things being done by the administration that are off the chart, outside the scope of anything ever done by a U.S. president, how do you find adequate words to describe it and do it justice?

And when we combine this with the fact that Obama is extremely popular according to opinion polls, with 73 percent saying that he “cares about people like me,” meaning that three quarters of Americans feel that this manifest anti-American president represents people like them, I frankly find it hard to get a handle on the situation.

Here’s the latest, which I found at Lucianne.com this morning. ABC has released the names to two CIA agents involved in interrogating Zubadya and Khalil Sheikh Muhammad. Meaning that someone in the CIA leaked this to ABC.

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Larry G. writes:

Mr Auster,

My feelings about the Obama administration, its transformation of our economy from capitalism to liberal fascism, the attacks on conservatives and liberty, and especially the oblivious 52% who put him in office, are summed up here.

My question to you is, considering what has been unleashed by the election of Obama, do you now regret your vote?

LA replies:

As I said recently, if I had foreseen how extreme he would really be, my decision process back in November would have been very different. I cannot say definitely that the result of the decison process would have been different, though it might have been. Please read again the reasons why I thought that electing McCain would put us in an even worse position in the long run than electing Obama.

I constantly emphasized during the campaign that we did not know how Obama would actually govern, and I considered a range of possibilities from empty suit to radical anti-American. But it did not occur to me that he would do things as extreme and irresponsible as some of the things he’s done.

Mark P. writes:

I don’t think voting for McCain would’ve made anything better. I did vote for him, but whenever anyone asks me, I tell them that I did not vote at all, that I did not like either candidate.

What we are seeing from Obama is really a more extreme extension of many Bush-era policies. Sure, Bush did not, for example, release interrogation techniques to the public, but he so hobbled our intelligence and military services with his low-grade political correctness that the effect is pretty much the same. McCain would’ve been a continuation of that agenda.

The key point to keep in mind is that the Republican Party has “big-tented” its way into being nothing but a cover for liberalism. Look at the mortgage-meltdwon, the immigration, the Ramadan dinners…all of this happened under George Bush while the media was screaming about his “right-wing” conservatism.

What we have now is liberalism completely unmasked. The disease can now run its course unimpeded. If the liberals are right about everything, then the country will benefit. If the liberals are wrong, the failure will be measured in Democrat lives. People will need to learn the hard way…and they will.

I hope I am not out of line, but lessons must be learned thorugh suffering.

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