Anti-Islamization conference

I spent the afternoon at a conference of Pamela Geller’s organization “Stop Islamization of Nations” (SION) in an East Side hotel conference room. It was an impressive gathering. Geller is to be praised for organizing it. While I’ll have more to say about it later, for the moment I will repeat the main impression I always have of such meetings. These activists are defending free speech from the spreading power of Islamic law and from the dominant Western ideology which promotes the Islamic enemies of the West, including even violent Muslims, while punishing and silencing people who are exercising the normal rights of speech to speak negative truths about Islam. But with one notable exception (an Indian immigrant in America) these opponents of the Islamization of the West have nothing to say about the actual Islamization of the West which is occurring through immigration. Had there been no immigration of Muslims into the West, there would be no Islamization of the West. Somehow these courageous activists, who often invoke Churchill and his “Never surrender,” think that they can allow the Muslim population in the West to mount continually through immigration and natural increase, leading to the steady increase of the power of Islam in our societies, and at the same time that they can stop the spread of the sharia ideology which the Muslims carry with them and seek to empower wherever they go. It’s absurd. It’s an absurdity which has no precedent in the history of civilizations.

And yet the people embracing this suicidal absurdity are, when it comes to the Islam problem, the best we have. They represent the only existing organized force opposing Islamization.

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Chris K. writes:

Eleven years ago it became pretty obvious that a significant portion of the Mohammedan world hates us and wants to kill, convert, or conquer the West. If I suddenly found myself in a war with hundreds of millions of people, I’d get serious pretty quick about fighting it. We refuse to admit that Islam itself is the problem. We refuse to take economic measures to cut off the oil financed funding of jihad. We refuse to be realistic about the social and religious vulnerabilities of our society. A sane society would have seen the thousands of Muslims dancing in the streets of the world that September day, and drawn some conclusions about that and done something about it. We would have developed our own resources, we would have embargoed the whole Muslim world. Any wars we would have fought would have been wars of destruction, and not rebuilding the homes of our enemies. We would have ceased to pretend that we can afford unlimited spending on the ineducable, the foolish, or the already wealthy. Instead we act like all of America is a Chicago public school classroom, where no learning can take place. That the Chicago public school teachers and Pamela Geller both refuse to state the obvious is troubling. Miss Geller is brave and forthright, but she is a liberal and cannot see the reality of Islam. How many people would read your Islam policy speech, or watch the Islam video on the right sidebar and recoil in horror at the true but illiberal ideas contained therein? The present governing ideology of the Western world is liberalism, and until that changes, we will continue slowly to kill ourselves.

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