Race and immigration—the forbidden topic which is not forbidden here

For those who missed it or didn’t see the updates, I recommend the discussion, “Is it wrong for me to talk about race?”

Also highly recommended is the excerpt from Raymond Ibrahim’s article on the true thinking of Osama bin Laden, as distinct from the propaganda statements he directs at Western audiences. My commentary following the excerpt was dense and hard to follow as originally posted, so I’ve substantially re-written it on Thursday night, but I can’t promise that it’s any clearer.

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Ben W. writes:

You headline this entry: “Race and immigration—the forbidden topic which is not forbidden here.” Sometimes people aren’t shown gratitude enough—my wife tells me this every six months as a reminder of sorts… And then she gets her flowers…

Thank you for having a discussion on the issue of race and its significance for civilization within a rational framework, avoiding material reductionism and racial extremism. I very much appreciate VFR’s framing of the issue in such an intelligent manner!

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