McCain, on national TV, openly rejects and insults Palin

(Larry G. writes:You can view the clip here. I don’t think McCain intended to snub Palin.)

Olivia Smith at the New York Daily News writes:

…On Monday’s “Tonight Show,” Jay Leno asked the Arizona Senator to name the new guiding lights of the Republican party, and [John] McCain was quick to rattle off a list of “young, dynamic” governors around the country.

[Sarah] Palin wasn’t one of them.

McCain singled out Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, Florida Gov. Charlie Christ, Minnesota’s Tim Pawlenty, and Mitt Romney, McCain’s chief rival for the Republican presidential nod in 2008.

In case anyone missed his conspicuous omission of Palin, McCain then added, “And I’ve left out somebody’s name, and I’m gonna hear about it.” [cont.]

For McCain to go out of his way to disrespect Palin, whom he raised to national prominence, is despicable, but typical. No matter what he may think of her, simple decency and the rules of politics would dictate that he mention her name among the list of several other governors. His swipe at her continues, and in effect legtimizes, the shocking campaign of smears against Palin by unnamed higher-ups in the McCain camp that occurred immediately after the election, which I discussed here.

It’s curious, though, how McCain has truly got over his hatred of Mitt Romney. It looks as though Romney’s endless sucking up to McCain worked. Imagine the ego salve McCain received from seeing Romney—his superior in so many ways—seek his approval.

Derek C. writes:

Again, the question is raised: Would McCain do something like this to Obama, or any other Democrat?

LA replies:


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