Tyrrell admits he was wrong to support naked scan and grope

Emmett Tyrrell, the perennial lightweight editor of The American Spectator, was one of those conservatives who defended the TSA’s new airport security policy and regarded its opponents as silly hysterics. Now, in a not-well-written column, he announces that on further consideration he has changed his mind. He speaks portentously of “new facts,” but the facts he references were well known from the very start of the controversy; he just didn’t bother knowing about them.

Tyrrell gets credit for eating crow. That doesn’t change the reality that (speaking of incuriosity) the man, a fixture in the establishment conservative universe, has not had a single interesting or substantive thought about politics in at least the last twenty years.

The next question is, will Dorothy Rabinowitz also change her mind on scan and grope, and opt for Israeli-style behavioral and ethnic profiling? I doubt it. That would contradict the Soviet-like, anti-national mindset of the Wall Street Journal editorial board on any issue pertaining to the preservation of the American nation against a globalized world and the mass importation and growing influence of unassimilable aliens.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at November 25, 2010 07:00 AM | Send

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