The arrest of three al Qaeda terrorists in Norway earlier this month

Here is a story from the Christian Science Monitor about the arrest of three al Qaeda agents—an Uzbek, a Uighur, and a Kurdish Iraqi—by Norwegian police on July 8. They were planning to set off bombs in Norway similar to what the Times Square would-be bomber had used.

Here’s information on the suspects’ background and how they got into Norway:

A Norwegian police statement described those arrested as “Person 1,” a Chinese Uighur that came to Norway in the late 1990s as a refugee who was granted citizenship in 2007. “Person 2” is an Iraqi Kurd arriving in the late 1990s and holding Norwegian permanent residence status. And “Person 3” is an Uzbek asylum seeker in the early 2000s who was later granted permanent residence. All three are in their 30s.

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