What all those “assimilated” Hispanics want

A reader writes:

You’ve touched on this before, but note again how boldly and openly and matter-of-factly the Hispanic bloc declares “immigration reform” to be a racial struggle on behalf of their co-ethnics, right in front of the gringo politicians lining up to service them:

“Luis Hernandez of Frisco, chairman of a group of Hispanic McDonald’s restaurant owners, CALLED IMMIGRATION THE OVERRIDING ISSUE FOR MANY HISPANIC VOTERS and said Mr. McCain offered a strong enough signal Tuesday that he’ll keep pushing the issue.”

Meaning that the overriding issue for these many Hispanic voters is the legalization of 12 million mostly Hispanic illegal aliens.

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A. Zarkov writes:

I’m a little puzzled as to why Mexicans who have already immigrated here want to increase the number of illegal Mexican immigrants.

There’s only so much largess that they can get here because the governments at all levels are insolvent. The more Mexicans that come in, the less there is to go around from a finite pie. It’s true that with a large Hispanic population their political clout will increase, but as the old saying goes, “you can’t get blood out of a stone.” I think we are already near with mathematicians call a “singular point.”

This is a point of instability that occurs at a finite time point and signals a shift in the way some complex system operates. When you have super exponential growth in something (the doubling time keeps decreasing), that thing “blows up” at a finite time. Contrast to simple exponential growth which blows up at infinity. To put it simply, there is so much public and private debt that any attempt to give out yet more benefits will cause something like hyperinflation or a collapse in the financial system. The horrible part is the blow up can occur very quickly so there is essentially no warning. An earthquake instead of a hurricane. We and the Mexicans will find out that these ideas are not mere abstractions that can be dismissed or ignored. During the Great Depression many Mexicans were deported, even some who had U.S. citizenship. People get very mean when they get desperate.

LA replies:

Has Mr. Zarkov never heard of a movement of nationalist imperialism? The pueblo—the people—of Mexico are spreading themselves into the United States in a great national/racial movement, which I’ve called the Second Mexican War. Legal and illegal immigration are equally parts of this movement. It’s not primarily about economics. It’s about the expanding power and glory of a people. That’s why the legals demand that U.S. political parties support the legalization of the illegals, as a condition for the legals’ support for those parties.

Robert B. writes:

This is simply more confirmation that our democracy could only work as long as it was 90 percent (or thereabouts) white European. Anything else, of necessity, devolves into a racial spoils system. Of course if we reverted to the actual republic that we are supposed to be, all of this would be moot as there would be no sense in chasing after the approval of people who cannot vote—i.e. the landless. Universal suffrage is the Achilles heel in any democracy.

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