The transparently false alibis of low IQ criminals

David B. writes:

In your posting of the Guardian article by Douglas Preston, you have this comment:

“This is exactly the kind of lame alibi you’d expect to be made up by a low level black hoodlum. The simple fact was that Guede had been in the girls’ flat, which he couldn’t deny because his DNA was everywhere, so he made up this ridiculous story that he was on the toilet, deafened by his iPod, while the murder was going on, and so knew nothing about the murder.”

The killers in the Christian-Newsom Knoxville torture-murders did the exact same thing, admitting being there but claiming to have had nothing to do with the rapes and homicides. The ringleader, Davidson, said that he had consensual sex with the female victim, Channon Christian, and then gone on his dope selling run during the time when she was killed. Thomas claimed to be stoned and saw and heard nothing. Cobbins said he was afraid of Davidson. The female suspect didn’t know anything.

You always see these alibis from black perpetrators in crimes of this kind.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at October 05, 2011 09:01 AM | Send

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