Comments on Holder’s speech

Dimitri K. writes:

I predict that the only reaction of white America on Holder’s speech will be that of some paleo-conservative sites, where they will complain … how Jews control America.

LA replies:

That’s very clever.

What’s you’re talking about is the intellectual death on the right. There’s nothing there. The only thing left is anti-Semites who blame literally everything on the Jews.

But I hope you’re wrong.

Also, apparently Rush Limbaugh was quite exercised about it and said some good things.

And Heather Mac Donald (whom I condemn for her Dawkins-like weblog Secular Right where most of the commenters talk about religious believers the way anti-Semites talk about Jews) has a useful article summing up the ways that blacks perform worse than whites, and that’s why they are behind whites.

Paul Nachman, who sent Mac Donald’s article, writes:

Actually, I disagree with this:

“If left to themselves, they would go about their business perfectly happily and color-blindly, and the race industry would wither on the vine.”

I think that, left to themselves, there will be a lot of spontaneous self-segregation; I think this is a commonly observed phenomenon. So they’re not color-blind. In fact, people are tribal (this gets called “racism” to score political points, especially against whites) and diversity of the type commonly babbled about has little value.

LA replies:

I also didn’t like her condescending crack about the racist whites all being 75 hears old and about to die anyway. Everyone’s going to die. To use people’s death as a way of saying that some insufficiently liberal view that “we” don’t like is going to pass away and “our” view is going to triumph by the historical inevitability of their death is offensive and very leftist-progressivist sounding.

John D. writes:

Funny thing is; blacks are rather dependent on white cowardice. That’s what ultimately puts them in their positions over whites.

Van Wijk writes:

Regarding Holder’s speech, I think we’re going to look back on 2009 as The Year of the Aggrieved Negro. We can expect to see a lot more of this kind of behavior from blacks as more and more of them feel empowered by the ascendancy of the Pharaoh. I’m with you in hoping that they keep it up and become even more outrageous in their demands, regardless of the short-term pain this will cause.

Notice the language Holder uses: “… this nation has still not come to grips with its racial past nor has it been willing to contemplate, in a truly meaningful way, the diverse future it is fated to have.”

This is the language of a conqueror. America is fated to have a diverse future, and there is nothing you can do about but submit. Give us your women and your lands, Whitey, and perhaps, after much supervision and re-education, you can one day atone for your myriad sins.

I see no options before us but Secession or Annihilation.

As an aside, I’ve been trying to understand this overwhelming need blacks have to engage with whites. Part of this, as often discussed at VFR, is a hustle designed to separate whites from the wealth they create. But it goes deeper than that. Blacks’ lives seem to revolve around whites. Is it a deeply buried desire for approval? I can’t put my finger on it, but I feel it’s there. Have you noticed this, or do you think the hustle stands alone?

LA replies:

You said it much better than I did: “the language of a conqueror.”

On your question, it’s a very good question, and I don’t know the answer.

But here’s an answer that comes to me. Blacks want something from whites, but what they think they want is the opposite of what they really want. What they think they want is for whites to acknowledge how much pain racism causes blacks, how difficult it is for blacks to live in a white dominated society. This is what blacks feel that whites don’t understand and have never acknowledged. But on a deeper level what blacks really want is for the whites to treat them seriously as human beings, something whites, because of liberalism, never do. As is it now, blacks know that whites are never sincere with them, that they condescend to them, that they pretend to regard them as equal. What the blacks want is for the whites to be real with them, to be truthful with the blacks about race, to say that they, the whites, see through the black grievance hustle, to say blacks are less capable and more misbehaving than whites and that is why they are behind. The blacks want the whites to stop being guilty. What the blacks really want is for the whites to assert themselves once again as the leaders of America, as the man.

Now they’re not aware that this is what they want, and if the whites asserted themselves like this, most of the blacks would be outraged. But they would also be satisfied that that the whites were being real with them.

I know my explanation sounds nuts, and needs further revisions to be acceptable. But I think there’s some element of truth in it and it’s what came to me to say.

LA continues:

We should also remember Toni Morrison’s frequent statements portraying whites as being secretly obsessed with blacks. According to Morrison, everything whites think and do—even in areas having nothing to do with race—is really driven by their obsession with blacks; blacks are the ever-present center of white consciousness. Now, as I’ve written elsewhere, this is obvious projection. It’s Morrison and other blacks who are obsessed with whites. Whites are at the center of black consciousness. As you say, the blacks want something from the whites, but what is it? And again, it has something to do with wanting whites to be real with them. But the blacks have made such honesty impossible by their demands for white deference to black victimhood.

I will also say this. Blacks can never solve this problem. For one thing, they can’t solve it because they are influenced by the white liberalism that prevents whites from having the honesty that blacks desire of them. Blacks don’t have the power to get rid of white liberalism. Only whites have the power to do that. Therefore only whites can solve this problem.

LA writes:

I went over the the Corner (for the first time in weeks or months) to say what they had to say about Holder’s speech. There was almost nothing, except for a few comments by Jonah Goldberg, whom I don’t read. Talk about the intellectual death on the right.

- end of initial entry -

February 21

Mark A. writes:

You wrote: “The blacks want the whites to stop being guilty. What the blacks really want is for the whites to assert themselves once again as the leaders of America, as the man.”

I’m afraid this theory is incorrect. Blacks believe they are superior to the white man. It is white dominance, in their opinion, that keeps them down. They do not, however, equate this dominance with superiority. They believe that this white dominance is inherited from the wealth of white ancestors. (The Asians, to a lesser extent, also believe this.)

Your theory equates blacks with submissive women who want dominant men to stand up and be men. This is nonsense. Blacks already believe themselves to be superior. Only whites indulge in the fantasy that the superior man always dominates. Thus, the WASP belief that “if you work hard, you’ll succeed no matter what!” The rest of the world knows better. (Note: The Chinese are obsessed with luck for a reason: They don’t believe hard work guarantees success.)

The WASP system of the superior man rising to the top only functions (when it does at all) within a homogeneous society. The black elite understand this perfectly. This is what is behind Holder’s speech: it is to get whites used to being submissive in order to prepare themselves to be dominated. Black “trash talking” serves the same function. The notion that blacks want whites to stop feeling guilty is not true. Blacks need whites to be guilty. Only guilty whites feel the need constantly to demonstrate their self-worth to the black man. For example, I heard the following from a white co-worker today (spoken to a black co-worker): “I have lots of blacks friends.” “I’m so happy my child is exposed to a diverse student body in his kindergarten.” “I’m so proud we have a black President.”

Race “realists” (including almost every VFR reader aside from Ken Hechtman) would never stand for this. They sit back and laugh. And this is why minorities are so hostile towards whites who “know the score:” those whites don’t allow themselves to be dominated. This is the problem Holder is trying to solve. Leaders are dominant. Blacks want to lead and be dominant. They need whites to be guilty and submissive.

LA replies:

I don’t disagree with you. But everything that you’re saying about black attitudes toward whites is true within a certain context, the context of liberal society which tells whites to be guilty and tells blacks to be full of themselves. In this context, blacks keep getting more and more aggrieved and more and more arrogant and making bigger and bigger claims. This is not something I can prove, but I am suggesting that they can’t help feeling the falsity of their position at some level, and that an unarticulated part of them would prefer a non-liberal society where whites are not puffing up blacks but telling them the truth.

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