Rep. King denounces Jackson and the focus on Jackson

Paul K. writes:

Here is the video in which Rep. Peter King decries the undue attention the Michael Jackson memorial is getting, describing the late performer as a pervert and child molester.

It was refreshing finally to hear some national figure say this out loud after listening to the endless, unrelentingly reverential coverage of this peculiar person’s death.

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Paul K. writes:

I came across the video of Rep. King at the Politico site, under the mocking headline, “Is Rep. Pete King jealous of all the Michael Jackson coverage?”

As Politico has a liberal slant, naturally most of the commenters attacked King, but a number of self-identified liberals acknowledged the truth of his remarks:

I’ve never liked Peter King, an apologist for IRA terrorists over the years. But he is right about Michael Jackson, a pedophile, neither white nor black, neither male nor female, and a talent which escapes anyone with brains.


I usually don’t side with anyone from the Christian Republican Church Party but I am 100% in agreement with King on this. The media coverage on Jackson is more bizarre than Jackson himself. Do we have to be so politically correct that we have to now accept a mentally deranged child molester as someone to be worshipped.


Although I despise King’s politics, I commend him for having the stones to say in public what the majority of Americans are privately thinking about the over-the-top media-hype about Michael Jackson. Being a responsible father, I would never leave my young son for even a nanosecond with a creep like Jackson. Case closed. Let’s please move on.


The non-stop coverage on CNN has been nauseating, with Wolf Blitzer, Campbell Brown, and Larry King giving up any pretense of integrity in the service of celebrity worship and political correctness. One of the only newscasters I can stomach, Lou Dobbs, seems to have taken a few days off. Perhaps this carnival sideshow was too much for him. He interviewed Pete King on his radio show today, which can be heard at this link<

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