Specter’s last metamorphosis?

That is, back to opposing the Democrats, after having switched from the Republican Party to the Democratic Party last year. But it’s not really a metamorphosis, because, as always, Specter is absolutely consistent in his one and only loyalty, which is to himself. Indeed, the man is so pure in his self-love that it’s almost inspiring.

Friends tell The Daily Beast that the departing senator, injured by Obama’s failure to show last-minute support, may well shift right on key votes from Kagan to financial reform.

With party unity crucial to Democrats’ hopes for passing significant legislation before the midterm elections, Arlen Specter’s primary loss could pose a new problem for the White House.

The Senate could vote on any number of crucial bills before the midterms, including a new jobs bill, immigration reform, climate-change legislation, and a final financial-reform package, making Specter’s continuing support more important than ever. But several longtime friends and associates tell The Daily Beast that without a primary challenge to pressure him, the veteran senator—a famously prickly character whose temper has earned him the nickname “Snarlin’ Arlen”—may shift to the right.

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