Conservatives’ certainty, cont.

Meanwhile, notwithstanding the amazingly close polls, the writers at American Knower of the Future (a.k.a. American Thinker) continue, as before, to know the future.

At the end of an otherwise well-reasoned article, Monte Pelerin changes from analyst to prophet and declares: “Romney is headed for an easy win, a big win.”

Stuart Schwartz writes: “By the end of the week, a thankful nation will settle down to anticipate the hope and change that will accrue from the presidency of a Ronald Reagan for a new generation: Mitt Romney.”

And Stella Paul writes:

Predictably, now that Obama is fated to vaporize like a bad dream, the ugliness behind his persona is swarming to the forefront…. I find it so fitting that Obama is ending his reign by exhorting his followers to “get revenge.” … And so, as the date of Obama’s electoral humiliation nears, the Twitter-verse is exploding with riot threats. [Italics added.]

I share these writers’ passionate desire to rid the country of its worst-ever and most threatening president, the person I long ago dubbed the alien-in-chief. But the way they translate their hopes into authoritative pronunciamentos concerning an unknowable future event is—to be stuffy and humorless about it—not behavior worthy of American thinkers.

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David B. writes:

As for the “American Thinker’s” certainty of a Romney win, we can amuse ourselves (if so inclined) by reading the mea culpas if Obama wins.

LA replies:

Well, I suppose that would be a form of consolation in the event of the horror of an Obama victory.

Why horror? To repeat what I’ve said before: For America to re-elect a president who has presided over an economic and fiscal disaster and who has made it crystal clear that he intends to keep following the same disastrous policies in his second term, would mean that America has become in the full sense of the word a parasitical leftist country. Meaning, a country which believes, as Obama believes, that the conditions making possible the production of the goods of human society can be ignored, because somehow the goods of society will always be there, like rocks and stars, no matter how much we condemn and punish those who provide them. Therefore all we need to do is appropriate and distribute the goods—more and more and more of them—to the unfortunate and the oppressed, including such as groups as woman who lack totally free contraceptives; blacks who have been deprived by white racism of an education that will transform them into the intellectual and economic equals of whites; and blacks and Hispanics who have been deprived by America’s racist geography of full access to the white tax base.

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