Problems within Bachmann campaign

Daniel S. writes:

Michele Bachmann’s Iowa campaign co-chair state senator Kent Sorenson has jumped ship and joined the Ron Paul campaign, with Bachmann accusing him of being bought off. To make things worse, Bachmann’s campaign director in Iowa is rebutting her accusations against Sorenson. Not sure what to make of all this yet, but it does seem that her campaign organization is falling apart and that doesn’t bode well for her.

LA replies:

Very strange behavior. Wes Enos, described as Bachmann’s Iowa political director, meaning her campaign manager, publicly disputes Bachmann’s characterization of Kent Sorenson’s motives in switching to the Paul campaign, while reiterating his support for Bachmann for president. Can anyone think of a precedent for a campaign manager publicly disagreeing with his own candidate?

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Irv P. (who recently visited and spoken with top Bachmann campaign aides) writes (December 29):

I spoke to someone in the campaign office early today. She told me that Sorenson jumped ship for money.

Regardless of his motive(s), he’s a politician, most have the disloyalty gene.

One of the most appealing aspects about Bachmann is that she is NOT a politician. She got into the arena because a group of delegates at a local republican gathering, pushed her up to the stage to take on an incumbent State Senator who was so corrupt, the people in attendance were tired of just laying down for him. She was only at the meeting because she had to send her foster kids to public school by law, and she was fighting for a curriculum that reflected some traditional values. This is not the career path of your typical candidate.

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