What have the neocons wrought? (Don’t ask them, they deny they had anything to do with it.)

And how is Neocon Central responding to the mob invasion of the Israeli embassy in Cairo? Well, they’re very angry at Egypt, and want the U.S. to suspend its financial aid to Egypt. But they say nothing about their cheerleading for the toppling of the Mubarak regime which led to the current chaos. Jonathan Tobin writes at Commentary:

Suspend Aid to Egypt Immediately
09.10.2011 - 8:32 PM

For decades American aid to Egypt has been a necessary embarrassment. The $2 billion per year paid to the Egyptian dictatorship was more than the price for Cairo to adhere to its peace treaty with Israel. It was also necessary to keep the largest Arab country safely out of the hands of first the Soviet Union and then the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood. Though the money only enriched the military and the ruling elite it was still considered something of a bargain. This was no less true after the fall of the Mubarak regime after the Arab Spring protests that placed the government squarely in the hands of the military.

But in the aftermath of Friday’s violence in Cairo in which a mob was allowed to assault and then sack the Israeli embassy without interference from the police and the military, it has now become apparent that the Egyptian government has neither the will nor the ability to keep the Islamists in check. [LA replies: Excuse me, Mr. Tobin, but the former Egyptian government, which did have the will and the ability to keep the Islamists in check, was overthrown, with YOUR enthusiastic and blissful support, while you ignored all warnings about what this overthrow would lead to, and you STILL ignore those warnings today.] This is not merely an egregious breach of diplomatic protocol. It is a wake up call to the United States that it must place Egypt on notice that Washington is no longer prepared to turn a blind eye to a feckless and faithless ally. This is not merely a troubling incident but a full-blown crisis that shows that the time has come to suspend aid to Egypt.

Isn’t that amazing? Tobin wants the U.S. to punish the present Egyptian government for its egregious behavior. But except for a passing reference to the Arab Spring, he remains vague about how that egregiously behaving government came into power in the first place. It came into power as a result of the “democracy”-fueled overthrow of Mubarak, which Tobin, Commentary, and all neoconservatives passionately supported, as the fulfillment of their belief in the salvific effects of Muslim democracy.

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