D.C. in the Sixties, D.C. now

David A. writes:

Re your entry about white Supreme Court justices being mugged in recent years by black thugs:

On July 5, 1964, a thief broke into the home of Chief Justice Earl Warren — ironic, considering the length to which Mr. Warren has gone as the nation’s highest magistrate to protect criminal and subversive elements. Employees leaving the Supreme Court building now require a police escort to their cars for protection against robbery and assault.

In one four-day period, (a) a woman government employee just back from South Vietnam was stabbed to death in her own house on Capitol Hill; (b) three separate store keepers were gunned down by bandits; (c) a 14-year-old Negro boy confessed to killing a cabdriver “on a dare.” The victim was a survivor of Bataan and Corregidor — but he couldn’t survive the streets of the nation’s capital.
— Kent Steffgen, The Bondage of The Free (Vanguard Books, 1966), p. 201

So what else is new?

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