The lesson

The whole political world is talking about Obama’s denying the elections’ obvious message that the voters have rejected Obamacare and other Democratic statist extravaganzas. First, let’s note that it’s not only Obama who is in this state of denial (which is not so amazing in his case given that he’s the president and has his presidential ego to protect), but his liberal supporters in politics and in media. Second, let’s note that the significance of this massive state of denial goes well beyond the psychological condition of the deniers. It tells us something of permanent practical significance about liberalism. As a friend pointed out last night, when Obama and the congressional Democrats and even moderate liberal commentators like Mara Liasson and Juan Williams are all declaring in unison that the American people’s rejection of Obamacare is NOT a rejection of Obamacare but merely an expression of anxiety or annoyance about high unemployment, they are telling us that they will NEVER accept the American people’s rejection of Obamacare. They are telling us that they will NEVER stop trying to pass Obamacare and bills like it. They are telling us that the instant they have the power to push Obamacare through again, they will do so.

What then is the practical lesson we learn from the liberals’ denial of the voters’ message? It is that the liberals must NEVER be allowed to hold power again, because as soon as they hold power again, they will resume their relentless quest to socialize and nationalize America.

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