Given the realities of black violence, how should whites conduct themselves?

Brian J. writes:

You wrote:

… the commenter at Half-Sigma puts it better: Non-blacks may not talk to blacks, period. To say anything to a black is to step into his territory, it is to dis him, and thus to provoke his righteous vengeance …

We live in Indianapolis in a medium bad neighborhood/apartment complex. I am armed at all times. If I have an interaction with a black person my hand is on my sidearm at all times. This may sound paranoid, but the truth is that violence can kick off so quickly that an armed person may not be able to draw his weapon in time to protect himself, George Zimmerman being a case in point.

I implore your readers, especially those like me who live near a large number of blacks or Hispanics, to learn about your local gun ownership/concealed carry laws and arm yourself appropriately. And perhaps even more importantly go to the gun range often and practice diligently. For her last birthday I bought my wife the basic NRA pistol course which she found immensely helpful and a real confidence builder.

A further thought along these lines, we live at ground level, the only thing between us and the gang tatted thugs that we see walk by our porch is a piece of glass. My wife and I have discussed a plan in the event of a home invader/s so that we know exactly what to do and where to go and not shoot each other.

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