Condoleezza Rice is an idiot—and so are the “conservatives” who support her

I have excoriated the worthless, self-adoring Condoleezza Rice many times, but what Diana West has to say about her is more incisive than anything I’ve written. Both West and I focus on Rice’s constant put-downs of America, but West shows how those put-downs are central to Rice’s understanding of the world, determining all her policies.

Here is part of it:

The bottom line is that Condoleezza Rice looks at both the United State and the world through a very murky prism of race, seeing in the segregated South she was born in not only the template for struggle everywhere, but also the actors in struggle everywhere. This shockingly parochial view sharply limits her understanding of war and peace at home and abroad. Football Commissioner, fine. Nominee for Vice President, disastrous.

A selection below:

“Understanding Condi,” October 28, 2005

If Condoleezza Rice ever does run for president, the following line may become very familiar:

“The only problem, of course, was that when the Founding Fathers said, ‘We the people,’ they didn’t mean me.”

For the past few years, the most powerful woman on earth has been delivering this clincher. And it gets a gasp every time. I first read it in a speech Ms. Rice gave last week in Birmingham. Of course, it’s a dramatic, even melodramatic, statement—a testament to the continuing expansion of liberty provided by our 218-year-old Constitution. But Ms. Rice drops it in by way of illustrating the historic flaws of democracy, American-style; and this she drops in by way of dismissing the current flaws of democracy-building in the Muslim world.

[End of West excerpt.]

Meanwhile, Bill S., who sent the Diana West link, writes:

Drudge has a poll running asking “Condi for Veep?” The supposedly right wing constituency of the Drudge Report voted favorably something like 60/30 percent! Is ANYONE paying attention?

I recall her visiting Gaza in, I think, 2007 when she told the inhabitants of that hovel, “I feel your pain—I was raised as a black in Alabama!” THIS from our Secretary of State … of the United States of America. Can someone please tell me how we’ve arrived here?

We’re living in a mad house. Think of the constantly roiling passions of conservatives, their fear and loathing of anti-American liberals, their zealous desire to stop and defeat liberalism and return to “conservative” and patriotic leadership. And whom do they support for vice president? An anti-American liberal. These legions of bozos are not even faintly aware that she is an anti-American liberal. With the same acuity, Republican primary voters chose McCain in 2008 under the impression that he was a conservative. Why did they think he was a conservative? Because he was a war hero. Is it even worth paying attention to American politics?

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