At least they weren’t killed

In the wake of the recent murder of a British couple in their vacation cabin on Antigua, a more fortunate but still traumatized British couple have stepped forward to tell their story to the Times of London:

A British woman has described how she was raped at gunpoint after her husband was kicked senseless by an intruder at their villa in the Caribbean.

The young, masked attacker slipped into their privately rented holiday home on St Lucia looking for jewellery, cash and gifts. The retired professional couple, now safely home in Britain, say that they have wept in private every day since the ordeal.

Before the criminal raped the wife, he repeatedly kicked the husband in the head, causing him severe injuries.

How could this couple have avoided this terrible event in their lives? As discussed here, they could have owned a serious firearm and had the training to use it, or hired their own armed guard at top dollar, or stayed in a five-star hotel with adequate security—or not gone to a black country at all.

Does this mean that all or most or a large minority of black people are dangerous savages to be avoided? Of course not. It means that within the black population there is a very high percentage of dangerous savages, dangerous in particular to whites, and that, because of racial differences in intelligence and in other qualities, in any black-run society there will not be the organizing force of civilization to constrain the savages adequately.

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Karen writes from England:

I had read this in the Times. It is like the daily crimes perpetrated against whites in South Africa. I feel sorry for them but again, another naive and daft couple. This type of vacation arrangement is fine in France or Portugal but not in black Africa or its West Indian extension. The villa was not in a gated compound and they had no guards. They had a maid (no doubt a local black) whom they left at home alone whilst they went out. They think the criminal got in to the villa whilst the maid was home alone and waited for their return. Did the maid tip off the criminal? More than likely. When are these people going to use their common sense and stop believing everything the travel agents say?

Mark Jaws writes:

Not only do blacks lack the requisite collective smarts and sense to self-police the menacingly savage element from within their ranks, they are impulsively tribal and thus do not countenance any criticism of their fellow blacks, even of the ghetto thug elements. In fact, the “typical black person” (thanks, Obama for allowng me to make that statement) views criticism of one black person from any source as an attack on all blacks. This is why we cannot share a society with them and this is why we must separate ourselves from them.

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