How America created its own death trap

This is an entry posted at VFR on November 15, 2004, on the occasion of Condoleezza Rice’s appointment as Secretary of State:

America: never good enough

The first Secretary of State who was female was immediately followed by the first Secretary of State who was black (or colored, to be more precise), who is now being followed by the first Secretary of State who is female and black. It seems like the very definition of liberal progress to me. Yet it’s not good enough for the mainstream liberal media. One of the network news broadcasts said this evening that Condoleezza Rice “is only the second woman to be Secretary of State.” [Italics added.] For liberals, America is always behind, always guilty, and always sneakily denying its guilt.

Once we admitted, in the 1960s, that we were a discriminatory country, there was no way we could ever again be right in our own eyes, no matter what we did.

[end of 2004 entry]

From which it follows that if we are ever to be right again in our own eyes and whole, we must go back mentally in time and reject the false racial guilt we cast upon ourselves as a nation during the 1960s, a guilt which, once it is accepted, can never be removed, for the simple reason that the racial inequality of outcome that is the cause of the racial guilt can never be removed.

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