Derbyshire on the war

In this incisive and disturbing article by John Derbyshire, amounting to a tour d’horizon of the current crisis, the irrepressible British ex-patriot and American citizen (1) explains why, though we saved the Europeans from Soviet Communism and now are in vital need of their help, they’re flipping us the bird; (2) urges that we suspend our membership in the United Nations; (3) outlines the economic threat we should make against the Chinese that will assure their non-cooperation in the spread of weapons of mass destruction; (4) quotes mainstream intellectuals who predict that another attack on America will result in a Korematsu-style confinement of U.S. Muslims; (5) lays out the drastic steps that we may have to take against North Korea to prevent a U.S. city from being incinerated; and (6) enunciates the reasons why talk of the nuclear option is no longer taboo among mainstream policy makers.

I can’t help pointing out the oddity that respectable thinkers are now willing to talk openly about such previously inconceivable subjects as pre-emptive nuclear war and the internment of U.S. Muslims, but are still not willing to talk about stopping Muslims from entering the U.S. in the first place, let alone deporting a goodly number of the ones who are already here. Liberal society certainly has an interesting hierarchy of taboos.

Also, on a side note, I can’t help remarking that in this thought-provoking article, Derbyshire doesn’t once talk about himself. Perhaps he realizes that in this time of war, the John Derbyshire cult of John Derbyshire, as amiable as it is, may have had its day.

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