Unbelievable—Evan Bayh stepping down from Senate

The moderate golden boy is leaving. Why? Maybe the answer is that he wasn’t so moderate. He voted for cloture in the health care bill and he voted for the health care bill itself, and as a result voters have turned against him and he faces a tough re-election fight. Strange that his constantly rehearsed moderateness deserted him when he most needed it. I think Bayh is a weak character and he didn’t have the guts to stand up to his radicalized party, even if the cost of going along with them was his seat. It was easier for him to commit political suicide than to say no to Obama, Reid, and the rest of his fellow Democrats.

(Update: media reports indicate I’m wrong on this, that polls showed Bayh leading against possible Republican opponents. Still, Bayh lost any claim to being a moderate when he voted to impose the Obamacare nightmare on America.)

What’s been happening is unheard of. Normally it’s the members of the minority party, frustrated by their lack of power, who resign from Congress; but now we’re seeing the members of the party with an overpowering majority deserting in droves.

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John Hagan, who sent the linked entry at Hot Air, writes:

Look at this ! One year ago we were being overwhelmed. Now another phony “conservative Democrat” is quitting.

Rick U. writes:

This is really becoming quite remarkable, perhaps even miraculous! Let’s see if the Republican’s “get it”, go conservative, and take advantage of the momentum.

Clayton S. writes:

No one can tell me that in the inner sanctum of the hierarchy of the Democrat party, that it is not being discussed “What in the damn have we done to this party by allowing this incompetent empty suit to be elected.” This man is almost single-handedly destroying this party.

Rick U. writes:

The follow-up to the extraordinary political landscape that is unfolding in America is, can we stop “immigration reform” and complete the trifecta? Is it possible to move forward from there, and get Congress to do something the Constitution actually mandates and secure our borders?

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