A turnabout in white consciousness?

This is very strange. Just yesterday morning, in the entry “Another ‘random’ murder,” I wrote:

The passivity and silence of whites as their fellow whites continue to be murdered by nonwhites disgusts me. Do such people deserve to be defended and championed? Do they even deserve to exist? And the answer is that as they are now, they don’t. People who have nothing to say when their own people are being killed have announced that they themselves are willing to be killed. And their enemies recognize this. And that is why the cultural genocide of whites—including all those “random” murders—continues.

Of course a major part of the white passivity and silence I was speaking of consists of whites’ simple refusal to describe black attackers of whites as black attackers of whites.

Yet today, after the black flash mob incident at the Wisconsin State Fair in Milwaukee last evening, almost as though they had heard my cri de coeur, for the first time (see this, this, and this) white witnesses, victims, media, police, and officialdom clearly and without hesitation identified a black flash mob that had attacked whites as a black flash mob that had attacked whites. What led them to do this? In other similar events all over the country for the past several months, any mention of race had been suppressed. The mobs were always raceless “teens,” never black teens. Yet now the whites plainly speak of the black rampagers as black.

If whites keep this up, they will have ceased being total Eloi. They will in a manner of speaking be asserting their own existence again, and deserve to be defended again.

By the way, I said a very similar thing about Israel three or four years ago. I said that if the Israelis didn’t care enough about their own existence to stand up for themselves, why should their friends in other countries care enough about their existence to defend them?

Posted by Lawrence Auster at August 05, 2011 11:59 PM | Send

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