War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, and …

Democracy is Shariah.

BAGHDAD, 7 February 2005—Iraq’s Shiite leader Grand Ayatollah Ali Al-Sistani and another top cleric yesterday demanded that Islam be the sole source of legislation in the country’s new constitution. [Emphasis added.] Hours later US Vice President Dick Cheney said Iraq has the right to shape its own democracy without becoming “an Iraqi version of America.”

The statement, which was issued by a major Shi’ite leader, Grand Ayatollah Mohammad al-Fayada, and which a spokesman for Sistani said Sistani backed, said:

“All of the ulema and Marja, and the majority of the Iraqi people, want the national assembly to make Islam the source of legislation in the permanent constitution and to reject any law that is contrary to Islam.” [Emphasis added.]

Let’s see now. Cheney said on a radio show the other day that anyone who doubts Muslims’ readiness to adopt free government was showing a “racist” attitude. Now Cheney is saying that we must expect that Iraq will adopt sharia as the exclusive basis of its law and government. Sharia is a totalitarian system. A totalitarian system is not free. Is Cheney then a racist? No, not at all, because Cheney has defined totalitarianism as freedom.

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