Derbyshire’s latest contribution to conservatism

Cliff: You are TOTALLY correct. I spent HOURS on a really neat proposal for me to do a hot-tub interview with Morena Baccarin—would’ve made great TV. They never called back. There’s no respect for creativity nowadays.
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It seems Derbyshire wants to join up with his NRO colleague Jonah Goldberg as an exponent of Animal House conservatism. Since the Derb doesn’t believe in anything, all he can do is follow others. First (as he explained a few weeks ago in his article about his loss of religious belief) he followed the atheist materialists at Steve Sailer’s Bio-Diversity list who taught him that Darwinian natural selection explains all human things. Then, earlier this week, he gave his unqualified assent to Charles Murray’s expressed indifference to the survival of Anglo-European America and contempt for “white-bread” white Americans. And now he’s emulating Jonah Goldberg in indulging Playboy-type sex fantasies at the website of America’s supposedly top conservative publication. However, the acolyte has a way to go before he equals his latest master. For example, Goldberg wrote at that website in 2003:

SATISFACTION [Jonah Goldberg]
This is a very cool, very smutty, music video about power tools. If you don’t like music videos, power tools or jiggly models in suggestive poses, do not click on this link. Liking just two of the three is not sufficient. You cannot say, Gee, I like power tools and cool music videos, let’s see what Jonah’s talking about. You gotta like the whole trifecta. Actually, on second thought, that’s not true. If you like really hot models you could watch this with the sound off and it’s not like the power tools get in the way. But there’s no doubt in my mind Kathryn will be cross with me for posting.
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