Beat Whitey Night in post-racial Iowa

This article comes from the conservative website with the thrilling name Associated Content:

Beat Whitey Night at the Iowa State Fair
Point ‘em Out. Knock ‘em Out in Burlington, Iowa

The Iowa State Fair had its share of problems with “attacks” on fair goers this year. On August 14th, after several attacks, the security was upped at the fair grounds. Over the last weekend trouble again erupted at the fair grounds where a group of 30-40 people, mostly black, were roaming the grounds and saying it was “beat whitey night”.

Beat Whitey Night ended up with 2 police being assaulted while trying to bring the black “youths” under control. To hear one of the officers account of the attack on himself, the audio is here. Two black girls were the attackers on this policeman. One hit him from behind while he was trying to corral the one in front of him.

Was this an organized gang? No one is saying. It puts me in the mind of the “game” being played on the Burlington, Iowa streets. It’s called “Point ‘em out. Knock ‘em out.” A group of 30 or so people point out a person walking or riding a bike and 4-6 people of the group run over and beat on them. The Point ‘em out, Knock ‘em out game killed a Decatur, Illinois man in 2009. He was on a bike and they knocked him off. He was kicked 40-50 times in the head until he died. And while no one wants to set the racial fires burning, these groups are largely made up of black people.

The beat whitey night and point ‘em out, knock ‘em out activities are not something that Iowans want to see or are used to seeing. Something or someone is setting racial violence into action where none was before. Keokuk, Iowa had 5 shootings this weekend at a “disturbance” in a bar after a hip-hop contest was over and the bar was closing. No papers or TV news have said what races were involved.

The media is slow to report race or motives. Law enforcement and the media tend to try and be PC. This is not going to work. People are outraged and the anger is growing about the black violence on whites in Iowa. Reading the blogs and comments on news sites, its clear that some think they will have to take things into their own hands. That’s going to lead to major problems.

State Rep. Ako Abdul-Samad Democrat from Des Moines said he wasn’t sure if the beat whitey night attacks were racially motivated. He didn’t have enough information. What? This is how mole hills become mountains Mr. Abdul-Samad.

Iowa politicians and law enforcement have to get on top of this now. Iowans aren’t going to take this kind of stuff laying down. There’s no room, need or want for racism in Iowa. Beat whitey night is appalling. And hate crimes are hate crimes. Black on white violence is just as hateful as white on black violence. Wake up Iowa and take control.

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