Was German re-unification a mistake? And, the cure for hyper-liberalism.

The discussion about Germany continues. I argue that it is a reasonable position that given what has happened every time Germany has been united, the world is better off when Germany is not united.

Update: A reader points out that there is no practicable way to prevent Germany from being united and powerful. I agree with him. But how, then, I ask, is German hyper-liberalism, and the rule of hyper-liberalism in Europe as a whole, to be ended? Answer: On the material plane, through the end of the EU. On the spiritual plane, through a return to Jesus Christ.

(Also, I have yet to write a reply to Manfred Kleine-Hartlage’s article, “From a German Point of View: A Reply to Lawrence Auster,” which was posted at Gates of Vienna on Sunday. Because of medical issues, it is difficult for me to gather the energy to write a response to a long article. But the discussion is a worthwhile one, and I will attempt to do so soon.)

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