Morris on the total polarization of Democrats and Republicans; and, is Morris becoming a serious man?

As Dick Morris explains in an incisive column, the radical and corrupt leadership of Pelosi and Reid has turned the Democratic Party into such a monolith that the idea of “moderate” or “conservative” Democrats is dead. “Voting for the person, not the party,” is dead. The only two categories that matter now in American politics are Democratic, meaning pro Obama’s socializing agenda, and Republican, meaning against it. Moderate Democrats realize that even if they gather their loins and vote No on Obamacare, they will not be spared the wrath of moderate voters. The only way for them to escape the coming anti-Democratic tidal wave is to move to the Republican Party, as Rep. Parker Griffith has done.

I have to say that Morris, who has always been the ultimate spinmeister, a man who comes up with a new and unprincipled angle on the world several times a week and writes a column about it, has in recent months given the impression of turning into a serious analyst, a man with—dare I say it?—something approximating an intellectual and moral center. I realize how ridiculous that assertion sounds and I acknowledge that it may be an illusion. But I also have to acknowledge—purely in the spirit of phenomenological observation—that I have found myself having that admittedly ridiculous thought about Morris from time to time.

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A. Zarkov writes:

When I read your second paragraph, I said to myself, “This guy is stealing my thoughts.” Yes, I too think I see a changed Dick Morris. Up until recently his primary motivations seemed to be money and hatred of the Clintons. I browsed through one of his books in Borders in 2008 only to find several errors on the first few pages. I then returned book to the self. However over the last six months a new, more thoughtful and impassioned Dick Morris seems to have emerged. But I’m suspicious. Can the leopard really change his spots? I think yes. Obama is so scary, so intent on transforming if not destroying America, that Morris has been scared straight.

LA replies:

Thanks. It is gratifying to know that I’ve not been the only one to have that thought about him.

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