The U.S. military goes gay

Sophia A. writes:

The News Hour had a report on the formal ending of DADT. I could hardly stomach it. They began with showing two Navy men getting married. I turned it off when they kissed one another. Two minutes later, out of morbid curiosity, I turned it back on. Two very well chosen guys were being interviewed by Judy Woodruff. Well chosen in the sense that they were good looking and had no obvious effeminate mannerisms.

Sometimes I think that we are damned and that our society deserves to go down the drain. I always try to resist those thoughts. They are temptations, as bad as any temptation. But I came very close to going over to the bleak side tonight.

LA replies:

In a sense the very purpose of modern liberalism is to make our society so hateful that we won’t care about it any more.

Sophia A. replies:

Yes. And what if they’ve succeeded? What then? Tell me one good reason why they haven’t succeeded? There is a lot of ruin in a nation, but not an infinite amount? What have they not ruined?

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