Black hero

At the candlelight vigil for the late multiple cop-killer Lovelle Mixon in Oakland tonight, where “deep within the spiritual thinking of numerous African Americans, an emotional candle will be lit in memory of Lovelle Mixon,” will the spiritual thinkers also be honoring Lovelle for raping a 12 year old girl last month—and very likely several other young girls as well?

The sight of blacks making a hero out of a cop killer can be deeply demoralizing, as are all public demonstrations of unreproved nihilism. But never forget: blacks keep indulging in such appalling behavior, decade after decade, because white America keeps giving them the moral sanction to do so—because in the 1960s whites out of a misplaced sense of racial guilt gave up their moral legitimacy and their moral leadership in this country. From which it follows that a decent social and racial order can be only restored in America if whites resume their position of leadership.

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Here is further info, from cbs13 news:

In an interview with the San Francisco Chronicle published Tuesday, Sgt. Kevin Wiley said the victim in that rape case was a 12-year-old girl who was threatened at gunpoint, dragged off the street and sexually assaulted in a secluded area between homes. Investigators also told the Chronicle that Mixon may have committed as many as five other rapes in the area.

Also, the earlier stories made it sound as though Mixon’s five years in prison were for a non-violent offense. In fact,

Prison and court records show Mixon, 26, had served nearly five years in state prison for assault with a firearm during an armed robbery in San Francisco. More recently, he served several months in prison last year for a parole violation.

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