Freedom for Moslems means slavery for us

I gave a speech to an immigration reform group in Washington seven years ago in which I said that by giving unassimilable immigrants the freedom to come into our country en masse, we are losing our freedoms—our freedom to speak, our freedom to enjoy and maintain our own society, our very freedom to decide whom we should and shouldn’t allow to immigrate into our country. A member of the audience said that compared to me, Jeremiah was an optimist. But was I so far off? We’re now told by DutchReport that two well-known Dutch politicians, Geert Wilders, who advocates a cutback of Moslem immigration, and the apostate Moslem feminist Hirsi Ali, who was connected with a documentary film that Moslems considered offensive, are currently housed in Dutch prisons, sleeping every night in prison cells, in order to protect them from Islamic threats to behead them. (Please note, Daniel Pipes, I didn’t say Islamist threats, I said Islamic threats; Moslems have been beheading their critics since the founder of Islam began the practice almost 1,400 years ago.)

So, as a direct result of the Dutch having given Moslems the liberty to enter and live in the Netherlands, a Dutch representative who calls for restrictions on this immigration loses either his liberty, or his life. (Note once again, I didn’t say radical Moslems, I said Moslems.) Had that Moslem immigration not been permitted in the first place, Dutchmen would still have complete freedom to discuss whom they wanted to admit into their country; but because they admitted Moslems, they now face the prospect of having their heads sawn off if they exercise that freedom.

Remember this, fellow citizens of the swiftly fading West, the West that will continue to fade unless we come to our senses and renounce our liberalism: every time President Bush says that we’re bringing “freedom” to Moslems, what he’s really talking about is the creation of a “democratic” global order with no fences between Moslems and the West, a global order in which Moslems will have more and more freedom to move among us, and, as a result, we will utterly lose our freedom.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at February 20, 2005 02:07 AM | Send

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