Poland’s parliament rejects giving legal status to homosexual relationships

In a time in which there seems to be nothing but bad news, here is some good:

(Reuters) - Poland’s parliament defeated draft laws on Friday that would have given limited legal rights to homosexual couples, a setback for liberals trying to challenge conservative moral attitudes in the devoutly Catholic country….

The lower house of parliament rejected three bills that would have legalized civil unions, including narrowly defeating one proposed by a member of the ruling Civic Platform that would have given limited rights to unmarried partners, including ability to inherit property….

Prime Minister Donald Tusk spoke out in favor of the reform, but 46 members of his own party, including Justice Minister Jaroslaw Gowin, sided with the conservative opposition and voted against all three bills on their first reading.

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Daniel S. writes:

Poland is not the only Western country to resist what has been described as “glitter imperialism” (almost every drive to institute cultural Marxism in Eastern Europe has American money behind it) within the past several days. The Russian Duma has made its first moves to pass legislation that would ban homosexual propaganda in Russia.

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